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Looking for a way to make your next event unique and memorable? Bring a camel to the party! Whether you just want meet one or make a grand entrance riding one, we can make it happen. Pettit Creek Farms is the home of the largest Camel herd in Georgia and all of them love attention!

Camel Display

Want to allow your guests to meet a camel? We’ll bring one camel and set up a 4 sided panel pen that is ideal for feeding and petting the camel. Package includes setup, transportation, handling, and takedown. Packages start at $1,000 for two hours. Feed can be added for $200. Additional time can be added for an additional fee.

Grand Entrance

Are planning a big shindig? Want to spotlight an honored guest or featured speaker? Then make an unforgettable entrance riding atop one of our sweet, tame and well-trained camels! Packages start at $1,000 for one grand ride. Combine an entrance ride plus a camel display (above) after starts at $1,800.

Camel Rides On Your Turf

Are you hosting a great birthday party or other gathering? Take your party to new heights with our  mobile camel rides! Packages start at $2,000 and vary based on number of guests.